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School uniform is voluntary, though we believe highly desirable and strongly encouraged as far as regulations allow. A uniform promotes a sense of belonging to the school community.

Heighington uniformThe uniform is very simple: a red jumper or cardigan, white polo shirt or collared shirt and grey trousers or skirt. Skirts must be pleated and at the beginning of the school year should be about knee length. Cardigans and V-neck jumpers and polo shirts all embroidered with the school badge, are available to buy from the school office.

Many children wear a tie with the uniform - they look so smart in this clothing that it is actively encouraged. Again, these can be purchased from school. The tie reflects both school colours and is a red/blue stripe. In the warmer months, the girls may wear a red and white summer dress, as widely available in high street shops. Boys may wear tailored, grey shorts.

Shoes should be predominantly black and suitable for the active life in school. No jewellery is permitted. Please avoid fashion footwear such as "UG type" or calf length boots. Children will be asked to change them on arrival. Ankle/pixie boots are acceptable. In very bad weather children often wear wellingtons and this is encouraged but they must change into something more comfortable on arrival. If snow has fallen we encourage children to go outside and enjoy it but they must have waterproof footwear. Children are expected to have a basic PE kit in school at all times - plimsolls, shorts and t-shirt. Ample notice will be given if more specialised equipment is required.

Class structure

There are 10 classes in all:

  • Class 1 – for reception children
  • Class 2 – for reception and Year 1 children
  • Class 3 – for Year 1 and Year 2 children
  • Class 4 – for Year 2 children
  • Three class 5’s – for Year 3 and Year 4 children
  • Three class 6’s – for Year 5 and Year 6 children.